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Review : Maan Karate


Maan Karate is a film produced by Escape artists and A.R.Murugadoss production. Music by Anirudh Ravichander. It is a neat story about how a carefree young man achieves a position which he never imagined in his life.

The story life : Before i give you the story life the first new minutes of the movie really makes the movie interesting. There are 5 IT people from Satyam computers go on a trek in a weekend. They happened to sage. While few people in the gang believes him, there is one guy (Satish) who does not believe him. The sage accepts to fulfil 1 wish of anyone people. This guy Satish asks for a newspaper that is yet to come ( 6 months future paper) and that specific wish is granted and they get to see the paper. They get to know that there will be bad weather on a specific day in Chennai and that their company will close down ( well we all knew it long back Smile). All these happen.In this process they lose their job and they find a shortcut to earn big money. They read a specific news where in a guy called Peter whose father is working in Royapuram BSNL office will win 2 crores in a boxing match. These guys will find that Peter and train him for the match. Only after sometime they come to know that there is one more Peter who is a well known boxer comes to the same area. Now did these IT people find the correct Peter to spend their money and time? Did they get the 2 crores? will be remaining part of the story.

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Sivakarthikeyan is the hero of the movie. It is 6th movie for him. It is completely a different role for him. A normal Royapuram local guy, who is not interested to do anything in life except to get a beautiful girl to marry. Even though he is a local guy he dressed like a Bandra boy with these IT people money. His costume designer has done a fantastic job.Hansika. the heroine of the movie had a meaty role to play.

The first half of the movie is full of comedy exceptional one was reciting10 kurals episode. The second half is a bit serious with lots of boxing and emotional scenes. Siva has tried a serious role in the second half. There is this one specific scene where he begs the villain to withdraw from the match as he is may lose the match and his lover since he is not a professional boxer. There is a crying scene too. I personally felt that this scene is not a value add for the hero image but what surprised me was the person sitting next to me in the theatre was crying.

Over all a good entertainer and a movie that you can spend you time on.

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