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Top 10 : Websites


There are millions of website in internet. There are websites for every need of human being. These websites contain information about everything from underground to stratosphere, past to future, atom to atomic bomb. You name it you get it. But what is useful for us on a daily basis? Which is the website that you commonly use? Do you know? Well the commonly used websites are those that consolidate the information that is hosted under other sites. Say for example google. It searches information from internet and present you with the at that is commonly used. Let me list down the commonly used websites in India. – A website that consolidates all the movie, entertainment, sports, theatre ticket bookings in one place – A website that consolidates all the Indian bus services. You can book – A website that consolidates all the hotel bookings online – A website that consolidates all the points given by shops and credit cards – A website to purchase all the Ebooks on web. – A website to pay all bills. You can use any bank credit or debit card. – A website that consolidates all the deals or discounts given by shops. – A website that consolidates all he hotel menu. You can see the hotel menus onsite, book tables, get the food delivered home. – A website to get all magazines across the world in digital format. – A website to post status all social networks.  This also have scheduling and analysis feature.

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