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Your Decision


Last week in my apartment we created a new association. We had to select the president of the association. There were lots of volunteers and there was a big completion for that post. So the association concluded that we select based on election. There was an old person aged around 60 who was residing in our apartment. I casually told him what is the big deal, why do we have to have a election. We can give this post of everyone on round robin fashion. He got furious, His argument was “How can we do that, there are some idiotic people, there are non capable people, there are some people not good in finance how can we select them. If we select such non capable people then it will impact the apartment”. I had to agree and the election was conducted. While we were waiting for the results i was casually talking to him about politics ( easiest topic in India that anyone can talk irrespective of ask, caste, creed is politics. It is a save bet too). I asked who is going to be the PM, who is the best person.
He said “ I really don’t care. I really don’t bother if Rama rules or Ravana rules”
I was totally shocked. He cared about the apartment where his flat was but he did not care about the country where his apartment was. You must be thinking that i spoke to him and convinced him to vote. well it is a ‘No’. He is retired, completed all his duties in life and just waiting for his expiry date to but we are not like that. Every decision that PM takes, be it income tax rate, job options, new foreign investment or defence, it will impact is directly or in-directly.

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The LokSabha elections are around the corner and i request you to vote. I am not asking you to vote to any party. But i request you to consider the following criteria.

  1. Vote for the candidate who is really capable.
  1. Must be educated. Ambedkar thought that even uneducated people can serve the country but today education is mandatory to know what is happening around the world to bring in innovation.
  2. Must be good in communication that he is able to communicate well with his party seniors and bring in good things to you constituency.
  3. Please do not select people who live a life of a sage. They say they dont have house, they sleep on floor, they eat in temples. As per my option one who does not have personal goal cannot being in a common goal for people. They are in-capable candidate.
  4. Don’t select the spidermanS and batmans. I don’t want him to fly from building to building with a web.
  5. Reject people sleeping or watching porn or silent in loksabha.
  • Vote for a party who can bring in strong PM. His functioning should not be supressed by coalition government.
  • Vote for a person who has experienced and has proved himself when compared to the new people. Obviously someone else cannot take risk in our lives.

Select the best person in your area. These best people will select a good PM who can take the correct decisions at the correct.


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