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Exhibitions that nurture the Luxurious Life


Gone are those days when simple sofa sets, bulky television and a 2-in-1 music system decorated our halls making them our pride and joy for many a generation. Time has flown by and country borders are now only a seeming line of distinction. The Digital era has changed the way electronics function and have with higher efficiency and productivity altered how anything is being manufactured. Economies have grown to feverish heights, never imagined before. Foreign investors, now building their own markets domestically are making available home accessories that were once viewed with popping eyes in magazines of foreign origin.

The Education system has evolved too, incorporating new streams of study with the advent of the IT and ITES industries. People are earning more now and likewise their wants have increased. “More hours of work, more Pay!!!” seems to be the way things are going now and the drive to move up in the so called economical class system has become stronger. In all this frenzy to earn more, out through the door went quality time spent with the family. Even Sunday has become a working day now for some, with off days in the middle of the week. Lord, have mercy on man, for he has changed your calendar!!!! Time and energy is the want of such people slogging it out at work. So eventually when one struggles and finds time to accessorize their home where does he go?

Brand 1, Brand 2, Brand 3…. It’s just confusing!!! Which one does he go for? So many places to shop and compare, what does he do? The need to do things at a quicker pace seemed to be the need of the hour. How do we get our home furnished at the snap of a finger? So many products…? Which is the best or the cheapest or is there a compromise between quality and pricing?

Let me answer that question for you. A dream comes true for such folks… tadaaaah!! Presenting the “Home Exhibitions” held at Chennai Trade Fair Center, Chennai through the year. Exhibitions nurture your dreams to live in style. Right from Kitchen and Bath accessories, to painting that decorate your walls, to jazzy couches that stand out, Luxurious sprawling beds, Smashing interior decorations, the latest in digital technology and automobile industry and it goes on and on and on. For those who need to accessorize their new homes at a snap of their finger, this is heaven.

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Electronics Giants Samsung, Sony, LG, Whirlpool display their home appliances for us to compare and pick what suits our home and style. Take any product and the pricing range, size, type and features available on them is truly fascinating. For the man of the house, Home theatre set ups call the gadget crazy man in and make him wonder how he could fit this in into his home. The Fitness equipment‘s on display make him think, do I need to travel to a gym daily when I can have one at home?! Will it be a 42” or 48” Television for the hall? LED or LCD? Normal or 3D? He is spoilt for choice.

Royal looking couches and majestically carved couches with glass topped center tables. Statue fountains that decorate a 5 STAR hotel lobby could be well sitting in his hall or living room. Dynamic dining tables stand with elegance for you to feast your eyes on. Prices on them seem just out of reach but then the stall reps call you in offering spot discounts of 10-15% and offer installments scheme which start the calculator in our minds going whether we can afford this or not.

For the woman of the house, the sight of Bedroom Drapes and Bed Sheets creates a spark in her eyes. These choices are not available in the local retail markets. The color range is so seducing. Modular Kitchens set ups are her next stop. Modular Kitchens now have become a show piece for any home. Theme based Modular Kitchens are set up for viewing. If there is a kid in the house then do the Cabinet doors reflect Walt Disney characters or is it just fruits or then again is it some fancy or classy mold? Kitchen Accessories such as trays and slides to store condiments and rations are so appealing to the man himself, need we talk about his better half’s wants.

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Electronic giants again bring her the choices in laundry and housekeeping department. Fully automatic washing machines or semi? A Dishwasher to lighten her dish washing work load?! If the home is carpeted then vacuum machines, if not then magic mops or magic sponges that absorb a spill. Budding entrepreneurs and inventors present housekeeping inventions that clean up anything from soiled clothes, to table stains, to scratches. Even Cooking utensils are on sale. Name anything that a home needs to accessorize itself for beauty or safety, it’s all there.

Bathrooms have now become luxury restrooms. The range of shower cabins available to suit your bathroom corners or any place in it are a sight in itself. On top of it there are the bath tubs and Jacuzzis. My my… you just feel the pleasure and visualize yourself in one of them right there.

The Kids go crazy on parents when they see the glowing fluorescent star that can make a skyline out of their ceilings at night. Flying toys, magic pens, study aids are all there. Nuts and Spices too occupy a stall. For the child it is that feeling of having seen so many things in one place which can be only bettered by a theme park outing.

I must not forget to mention the fountains made out of marble, statues and sculptures that we only see in hotel lobbies standing tall and lions carved in marble lying majestically priced as much as a car nearing the exit.
All this come under one roof as Kitchen & Bath Exhibition. These Exhibitions come under different names at different times during the year depending on the sponsor, Home Expo, Lifestyle Expo, Interiors & Exteriors.

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As far as the need to kill the hunger or quench the thirst is concerned, sprawling stalls selling food delicacies ranging from oriental to Indian are available. Coffee, tea, juice and cotton candy stalls appeal to the young and old.

I happened to meet a exhibition junkie couple like me over some snacks this time and looks like am not the only one there who keeps coming again and again to these things. They said “Whether we buy stuff or not we just have to come to one of these. It is just a great feeling”. I have bought so many things from these exhibitions – Juicers, Tandoor makers, Vegetable Choppers, Food Steamers, Biriyani Vessels, Chairs, Home Theater equipment’s and the list continues.

I remember when I was a child holding hands with friends as we made our way to the Exhibitions at Isle Grounds to see such things. Now we have the Chennai Trade Center to cater to the need for a different generation. Time will pass but the need to move up in life and enjoy all its luxuries will still be a big part of our lives. It is at these exhibitions that we see what really is out there and nurtures the need for a luxurious life. So go out there and be at one of these if it’s happening in your cities. It is a great feeling. Have a great day!!!!

– Michael Navin Xavier

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  1. Really Nostalgic- brings back the good old times when going to an Exhibition was an event !
    You have most definitely conveyed the emotion behind the facts. Great article- clear thinking !

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