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Review : Nee Enge En Anbe


“Nee enge en anbe” meaning “Where are you my dear” is a heroine oriented subject where Nayanthara has done a fantastic job.

Story : A lady comes to Hyderabad in search of her husband who came for a software project. He has been missing for 10 days. During the same time, there is a bomb blast in Hyderabad. In this confusion how she finds and will she find her husband is the rest of the movie. Even thought it is a remake of Hindi movie Kaagani it is not exactly the same. There are lots of changes to suits the south Indian audience.In the Hindi version there will be no person called the husband. She will be actually searching the imaginary character. But in the Tamil version there is a person.

Nayanthara is carries the full movie on her shoulders. She has played her character very well. There is a no revealing dress or duet songs but still she is pleasing to watch on screen. Her costume designer has done a fantastic work. She dresses for the situation. The dress variance from the flight landing to the climax there is a hugh difference.

Vaibhav play the second fiddle to Nayan. He too has done the character well. He being a real hyderabadi, he suited the role very well. The places where he speaks Telugu or Hindi he has portrayed like a Tamil guy who speaks that language.

In additional to these 2 people old hyderabad plays a important role. It really gives the Bengal feel from the Hindi movie. The congested areas, the colorful shops, cobbled roads, mix of religious people etc are added advantage to the movie.

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There are some more characters in this movie that needs special mention the constable, the cockroach, honeybees, the Lordess Durga Idol, the iPhone morning alarm, the small boy in the lodge.

Suggestions :

  1. They displayed subtitles where they speak Hindi they should have displayed subtitles for the places where they speak telugu. It is left to us for understanding.
  2. The police interrogation location could have been better.

Result : Good

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