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Active women


Last week on the “Times of India newspaper” i read an article called active women. The article was about if the active women prefer active men or passive men. It is really a interesting articles to read.

What is an active women ?
These are women who are a really in a very high position in a company and they are go-getters.

The article was stating that these women prefer passive men who support them in their life. They do not expect another active person to be part of their family and this leads to a clash in the family as to who is the boss the family. It is really surprising to see such an articles today. You must not have seen such articles before in India. We know our mothers are the most soft natured people and they are the ones who give-up in a fight for the benefit of the family. These days women are educated and they too hold very high positions in a company like COO, CEO, CFO etc. They have hundreds of people reporting to them to finish the job that has been told to them.  Does these women expect the same at home? They want their kids and husband to just listen to their orders?When the family don’t listen to them they get frustrated and start shouting just like their office. There is a no patience.

These psychological problems in family do exist in family these days. What if there is in active man who marries a woman and supports her for studies after marriage? There is a possibility that she get a good job after marriage and great to a position in life. I personally feel is not the education that is the culprit here. It is nature of the women. Those day, they were totally dependent on men and this go-getter nature of them never came out but they push their husbands to achieve more. Today, they are educated instead of pushing someone else they do it for themselves. It is their inner nature or how they are grow up.

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Today this percentage is small but it is expected to grow in near it is men who has to be very cautious when selecting the girl. Add this criteria to your expectation.

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