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Wall Huggers

Recently I went to the newly built Mumbai airport. I did the check-in and I walking towards the gate for the boarding. What surprised me was that most of the people have occupied the seats that are near the wall. I initially thought these are the people who like to stand in the “Q” first as soon as they announce the boarding. But I was wrong. They were actually “Wall Hangers”

Do you know this new term “Wall Huggers”. Before smart phone it was used to defined person who is socially awkward and not outgoing.


“Check out those wall huggers over there.”
“Ha, such nerds.”


“How was the club last night.”
“Shit man it sucked, just a bunch of wall huggers.”

The term was coined from people who go swimming but just hang on the edge because they are too scared to actually swim. Also comes from the popular 80s movie Sixteen Candles, at the school dance there a bunch of freshman nerds who just lean against the wall and scope out chicks but just hug the wall the whole time

But I am not talking about these wall hangers. The one I was talking out are literally the people who hang on to the wall with cords. Yes, you are correct. They are the ones who put these smart phones to charge and sit near them as a security to their phones. Why can’t they have a spare battery or an external charging devices that are available today.


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