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“செவ்வாய் தோஷம் இருந்தால் மாங்கல்யம் தடைபடுமாம்! !” யார் சொன்னது? நாங்க செவ்வாய்கே மாங்கல்(யம்)யான் கட்டிய பெருமை உடையவர்கள்.

I am really apologize to people who don’t understand tamil. I cannot translate the above to English because the meaning will be lost.


Today India has launched a satellite into mars orbit to examine mars. India is the 3rd country who accomplished the mission with the least cost. It is really a proud moment for all Indians. This is a day that has been etched in history, children in the future are going to learn about this satellite in the years to come.

There are so many negative comments about the money and time that Indian has spend on this mission. People are commenting that there are so many poor people who are in feed of food and water but we are wasting money.

Everyone knows mars is a planet but what have we done about it?

They placed in Horoscope
Mars being at the 2,4,7,8,12 places from Moon, Venus is called as Sevvai Dhosham. This is a very important dhosham while looking for the matches for a marriage. For a person with Sevvai (Mars) dhosham the partner should also have Sevvai Dhosham

What do you know about Mars?

The first thing  everyone know about mars is it that, people who live there, are green in color with triangle head. Thanks to hollywood movies. It was the education that has taught me that

  • Mars is the closest planet to earth
  • It is Red in color

Don’t you think that you should learn more about Mars. Well as a matter of fact, you need to know about all the planets but this is just the first step. Let us learn about mars, find some interesting facts about the neighboring planet.

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India as a country should not just concentrate on poor people because India has intelligent people, rich people, and people looking for work. There is no way there are going to come up if India concentrates only on poor sector. India as a country has to

  • Make breaking discoveries for future advancements
  • Inspire children to take learn astronomy in the future.
  • Show its presence in technology
  • Bring in investments in science field

There were so many objections during the INSAT satellite launch. But that was the satellite that was helpful in identifying the cyclone that happened in the east coast in advance. India was well prepared and the effort was well appreciated by many world organization for handling the cyclone and the damages.  I am sure one one this satellite is going to make sure surprising discoveries that will take the mankind to the next orbit.

If you want India to just feed the poor with the money then India will keep doing that for ever and not make new advancements in the field and science and we will be left behind.

Congrats again to ISRO for the successful Mangalyaan mission.

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