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Top 10: People do while conference calls

There was once a period when the people you worked with were seated just few meters away from you. You could easily walk to their desk and close the discussion. When you wanted to talk to a group of people you could invite them to a meeting room and close the discussion.Today, the team is diversified. We have one member of the team in Delhi another in Cochin and the other one in Kolkota. So meeting them face to face for a discussion or calling them to a meeting room is really not possible. With the latest invention in the telecommunication we have also invented conference calls. When 3 or more people get into a telephonic conversation with each other we call it a conference call.


You do not know

How the other person looks?
What is he doing while talking?
Where is when talking the calls?
Where is he looking while attending the call?
Have you ever thought what the other person is doing while you in a conference call?

The following are 10 things that people do while attending a conference call

  1. Sending an email
  2. Eating or making food
  3. Going to the restroom
  4. Texting
  5. Checking social media
  6. Playing video games
  7. Online shopping
  8. Working out
  9. Taking another phone call
  10. Reading magazine
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