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A Tribute


Director Balacander is no more!!! It is really a great loss to the Tamil film fraternity.  He is my favorite director too. It was after him, i started liking Manirathnam and Shankar. He is truly a Legand for various reasons.

  1. During his period of 1960s, most of the directors were taking historical movies. He was the one who moved the Tamil movie industry to the stories that reflects the present day stories.
  2. He has introduced a galaxy of stars to the Tamil and Hindi movie industry.
  3. He is also the director of the famous Hindi film”EK Duuje ke Liye”
  4. He was also also very brave in his stories. He was one director who had written stories ahead of his time.

Few story lines from his 100 movies that he has directed.

  •  A boy falls in love with a girl’s mother and his father falls in love with the girl. This story has been very bold for the people who lived in 1970s. We have seen triangular love stories but this was a tangled love story. He removed the knot in the climax with a fantastic dialogue.
  • 4 youngsters decide to commit suicide and go to hill station to live for 15 days. There they find that there are people who have faced worst failures then they have.
  • A man who has 2 wives treats women very badly. The heroine marries the guy, have a child with him, corrects him and she goes back to her lover.
  • 2 brothers fall in lore with the same girl
  • A father who sacrifice his life for his children(in those days movies showed only women who sacrifices)
  • A man facing problems after he falls in love with a girl, who shares same interest, even though her is married.
  • A man who tries to fall in love again after trying to commit suicide due to love failure.
  • A man handling his possessive wife.
  • A man running away from his possessive wife and have another affair.
  • A woman who sacrifices her  life to support her large family. He has taken. this same story twice once in 1970s and other in 1990s. Both depict different generations and he different problems that they facem including their hormonal needs.
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All the story lines are really bold. You should watch these movie to understand what I really mean.

He is very unique in his close-up shots. He does not show the actor’s face, instead he will show reflection of their face in the mirror or he will show their shadow.

He has introduced many stars to the movie industry. To name a new Rajini, Kamal, Vivek, Prithiviraj, Sridevi, Sripriya, Sujatha, Geetha, Renuka, Madhubala, Prakash Raj, Fathima Babu and many more.

It is indeed a real loss to the tamil movie industry.

May his soul rest in peace.

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