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Top 10 : Things people quitting the job should take note

In this modern world, people do not stick to the same job or the company thought out their career or the lifetime. Gone are the days that you join and retire from the same company. The “GEN Y” today has gone a step ahead. They change the company every 2-3 years. They says that this is the faster means of …

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Road Pooja

We have heard of Ganesha Pooja, Lakshmi Pooja, Ground breaking Pooja, new House Pooja. Have you heard of “Road Pooja”?. This is a special type of Pooja performed by Police officials on a NH road because more than 30+ people have died on this road due to road accidents.  This has been conduced in the consituency of Law and Parliamentary …

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Is Too Much Focus a Problem?

Focus is good, right? For years we have been admonished as managers to maintain focus: design strategies centered around focused factories that produce better goods less expensively, weed out the product line, grow a business from its core competency, develop priorities and address the first two or three, and organize our time so that we can concentrate on complex issues …

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Happy New year

Three hundred and sixty five days have gone. It did not go slow down, it did not go fast, it did not stop for anyone. It has been successful to people who traveled faster in these 365 days and it has been average for people who traveled in normal speed and it was not very successful to people who traveled …

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