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Happy New year


Three hundred and sixty five days have gone. It did not go slow down, it did not go fast, it did not stop for anyone. It has been successful to people who traveled faster in these 365 days and it has been average for people who traveled in normal speed and it was not very successful to people who traveled who traveled slower. 


It is the not the fault of the 365 days but our own self, the fate, and the hurdles that were on the way, while we were traveling. The speed is the only factor that you can decide to reach the destination. The hurdles and the fate cannot be decided by us. 

Anything can be a hurdles in the path. It may be your spouse or child or parent or your job. It can be anything. Hurdles vary from person to person. A person’s wife may be the biggest problem for him but for another person his wife may be the person who help him in his journey. This is purely decided by FATE. 

So now what is fate? This is something hat God has written for you. They say it cannot be changed even I don’t know if it can be changed. I hope fate was some kind of document that I could review with God on regular basis. I should be able to send it back to him for correction if it was not as per my expectation.

How was the year 2014?

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Year 2014 has been a very positive year with few minor glitches. This has been the year where politics has taken the center stage. Huge population of younger generation in India has been involved in politics this year. Be it AAP or BJP, each had their journey and their share of glory. Congress, AAP and BJP are the ideal example for the speed that they have traveled in 2014. Congress was slow compared to time, AAP was fast but their hurdle was their decision making. BJP was also fast compared to AAP but they cleared all their internal hurdles and hence each party had seen their share of success and failure.

Scrapbook_1418882659760Instead of being a “Selfish” year I would call it a ‘selfie’ year. Year 2014 is the year that ‘selfies’ have become famous. Each and every person, be it a celebrity or a normal person did not fail to take a selfie in this last year. There were even fools who have fallen down the cliff while taking a selfie. I have seen a photograph of a pilot taking a selfie with a selfie stick sticking out of flight. I am sure in the year 2015, seflfies are going to be more popular and people will find more crazy ways to take selfies. Don’t be surprised if a baby posters a selfie when he or she is just born.

Life is like a cricket match. You will not know how many balls you are going to face or how many runs you are going to score in the next over. That is the reason why cricket matches are still interesting. Life is always like a cricket match. you don’t know what is going to happen next that is why life is still interesting for many of them.

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