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Road Pooja

imageWe have heard of Ganesha Pooja, Lakshmi Pooja, Ground breaking Pooja, new House Pooja. Have you heard of “Road Pooja”?. This is a special type of Pooja performed by Police officials on a NH road because more than 30+ people have died on this road due to road accidents.  This has been conduced in the consituency of Law and Parliamentary affairs minister TB Jayachandra who decided to bring in an anti-superstition bill in Karnataka

Read the new TOI new below

The police officials led by Sub-Inspector Prashanth chose to offer special pooja on the National Highway, by involving priests, who offered prayers on the main road besides performing a `shanti’ pooja. Sources in the police station said that since December 2014, more than 30 people have died in road accidents and in some cases an entire family has been wiped out because of the accident. “It is not a government programme, we have done it on our own respecting the local people’s sentiments,“ clarified a police official from the Kallambella station.

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