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Top 10 : Things people quitting the job should take note

In this modern world, people do not stick to the same job or the company thought out their career or the lifetime. Gone are the days that you join and retire from the same company. The “GEN Y” today has gone a step ahead. They change the company every 2-3 years. They says that this is the faster means of growing in role and salary. What are the things that you should follow when you are leaving a company?


  1. Get all the necessary separation documents. The following are the documents to be noted of Resignation acceptance letter (If relieving letter not provided), Relieving letter, Experience certificate
  2. Give a proper handover of your project to the next in person.
  3. Work judiciously till the last minute.
  4. Do not get emotional ( anger, sentimental ) during the notice period or during leaving.
  5. Do not steal or cause damage to the previous company.
  6. Get all the settlement amount which includes leave encashment, any retiral deductions on monthly salary.
  7. In Exit interview do not give person specific complaints. Only talk about the reason of you leaving the company.
  8. Make sure all the PF accounts details (Like PF No, UAN number etc) are gathered be it transfer or encasements.
  9. Do not discuss your and the new company future with the old company
  10. Give proper contact details to new and old company including the referrals that you have mentioned in your resume.

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