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Hinduism Unleashed : Ponds in temple

There are so many process, procedures in Hinduism. Do you know why? Many books says that Hinduism is not a religion, it is just a way of life. There are scientific reasons behind every activity. It tell us how to live, live happily and longer. Let us unleash the reasons why there are so many process and procedures? What is the scientific reasons behind every activity. Let us understand the reason follow that is required and stop using them if not relevent.

Do you know why there are in Ponds in Temples?

Before we get to know why ponds are present in temples. Let us go to what we studied in history.

  • In Europe there are places are bath houses. This is a common place for people have bath. It is more like a common bathroom. There they have the facility for oil baths etc.
  • In our schools we have studied about Indus valley civilisation. Have you seen the common bath places?

The temples in India is like a community centre. All festivals, functions, get-togethers are conducted in this common place. They chose this same place to have their bath houses. This is the main reason why ponds are present in temples. This is same reason why today people who visit temple take bath in these ponds before going inside the temple. As days passed, these ponds have become dirty due to pollution and people stopped taking bath and just use it to wash their legs and spray this pond water on their head before they enter the temple.

So you can make note that there is no holiness in this water. You need not spray this water on you head to make yourself clean. You will only get dirtier due to the pollution in this water.

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