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Week that was

I happen to watch the video last week in Facebook. I was really surprised to see this marriage. Even though Indian government has not approved gay marriage, the Indians living abroad have accepted the reality. What surprised me the most are the comments that was received in facebook. I am quote a few
“ஒரு கலியுகக் கொடுமை “
“இதுமாதரி கல்யாணம் அசிங்கம்”
“The video is fake like 17 rupee note”
“Making a mockery of religion”
I really don’t understand who has given the rights for these people to decide what is correct for others. Hinduism is not a religion, it is way to lead life. No place in Hinduism there is a saying that Man-Man or woman-woman marriage is not correct. Marriage is a union of 2 hearts in love. The process of marriage is mere a ceremony to the society to inform that we are going to live together as a pair. I really support this marrige and bless the couple. More than that i would like to really appreciate the parents of the couple to have such an open mind to go-ahead with the marriage. Couple living abroad are not going to face the indian society but the parents are those who have their roots in India who will be facing the comments and jokes. I remember a tamil movie where the hero of the movie saying to the villian “Every good man might have an another side that is dark. Are you have another side that is good?”. In the same way, Every Indian has an another side that is orthodox.
Talking about otherside of a human being, i was really shocked to hear the beep song by Simbu. There was a lot of fuzz about the song on the internet. The comments and police FIRs have made me inquisitive about the song. I searched for it in youtube and i found the song. I think it is the most pathetically written song. Most of the words had to be beeped because of the vulgaity of the words that has been used. (May be that is why it is called beep song). I never had any good opinion about Simbu but after this song he has proved that is very dirty at heart. It was Danush and Simbu who has entered the kollywood together while Danush’s career and reputation graph is in the upward trend, Simbu’s reputation and career graph is on the downward trend. He tells that that he has not officially released the song and someone has leaked it,so he cannot be booked under the law. It may be true but now we are aware how dark your other side is.



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