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Republic People

Everyone know what “Independent” is. It is being your ownself without anyone controlliing you.
Wikipedia says

Independent means “free from outside control” or “not subject to another’s authority”

What is Republic?
The dictionary says

A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch

What does Republic mean to an individual? Well,

it is a state of mind in which you are free to do, what you like to do, the way you like to do, when you want to do.

There is a famous sentence/joke that keeps coming back in whatsapp stating “The Prime minister hoisted the flag in Delhi surrounded by heavy security and gave the speech behind a bullet proof glass about India being safe and secure”.

Are Indians Independent and republic (Freedom to what they want)?. Yes, as a country Indian has given the Independence and freedom to its people.
Did this happen 20-30 years back or did this happen now?
As a matter of fact, India has a country has given this to the people when they got their Independence and announced the country as the biggest Republic nation.It was that people were bound by the culture and customs of the religion and family. 20-30 years back people were appreciating it but today’s generation states that they are not independent and take undue freedom. They have freedom to rape anyone they want, kill anyone, disrespect teacher and elders,do not follow any customs be it from the family or the religion or the country. They think they follow the western culture but they are actually taking mis-using the  independence and the freedom given to them.

The young generation that has a smart phone in hand when they are 10 years old want to me more independent and they want more freedom. Actually, having more of anything is not good. It turns to be a poison. Independence and the freedom is turning to be a poison for the young generation. It is in the hands of parents to get this under control. This has nothing to do with the politics or prime minister. So parents hoist the red flag in your home for this freedom given by you.

Happy Republic Day.

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