Saturday , February 23 2019

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Apple effect

I over heard this converation today in the Naturals Parlour. I went there for a haircut and i was waiting for my turn. There were some more people waiting with me. I that there was a 40+ aged guy who had got his 8 old son for the haircut along with him. To spend the waiting time, the parlour manager had given us some magazines to browse through. He got a magazine for kids. Suddenly He asked his father “Daddy what does magine mean?”
His father was little baffled. Even i was wondering what does the word magine mean. His father asked him “Do you mean margin?”
“No Daddy, magine”
“Ok, readout the full sentense where this word appears”
He should the book and read out the sentense loud “What do i magine mean?”
“Oh!! it is not i-magine, it is imagine”

I had to control myself from laughing out loud. I have heard of Raman effort but this is Apple effect that has hit the current generation kids.

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