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POV means Point Of View. How each person sees and perceives the situation or a circumstance. Of late the events happening in India is really confusing. In the papers yesterday, I read that out military forces have killed a terrorist in Kashmir called Burman Muzzafar Wani. kashmir-militant-burhan-m-008He’s been most wanted terrorist and he a price money of 1 million. In the same newspaper today I read that 30,000 people had attended his funeral in his village. Because of this that has been a lot of riots, burning of government property and that around 20,000 military people have been deployed in the Valley to maintain peace in the valley. If this guy is a terrorist people in Kashmir should have hated him but they attended his funeral.

What does this mean?
Does people in Kashmir support terrorist? or they like him? Is he not a terrorist?

You must’ve read about the news about girl in Chennai was hacked to death in the railway station and that they have found the killer in his native village. 37524713357776db278951When he was about to be arrested he had cut his throat to kill himself. The police have admitted him in hospital and he has survived. Now the lawyers appearing for him says that the suspect did not cut his throat but instead the police had cut that person’s throat because they did not want him to talk. I was really shocked to read how the lawyer is twisting this matter to save a killer. His POV is going to confuse the judiciary. For now it is just not the judge but the Indian common man is also confused. Did this person really kill the girl? This is really confusing. It is this confusion that these culprits to get themselves out of the mess. I hope it does not end like Salman Khan case where the car was Salman Khan’s but he did not drive.

God save the judiciary system and i pray God that people get justice.

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