Saturday , February 23 2019

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Today i went to the food court to have lunch. I happened to be seated behind a boy and a girl (I cannot say couple because i don’t know if they are friends or a couple) who were also having lunch and having a serious conversation. They were talking in Tamil about “Love” thinking that others around them will not be able to understand Tamil. I was just seated behind them and I could understand what they were talking about. I was not eavesdropping but i could not mute my ears from that conversation.

The conversation was about “Love“.

The girl was asking the boy “Why are guys always behind girls. When they propose to a girl why can’t these boys tell the girls their intentions. If the boy is very clear telling that this love is only a pastime, the girl would be prepared. Why do they give false promises that they are interested in them and they want to continue their life with them and marriage etc etc. If they are clear from the beginning ,then the girls would not be disturbed or disappointed”. The boy “Yes, i totally agree, if they declare it type of love in the beginning there won’t be disappointments in the future. If the guy or girl wants to just pass time, they can declare it in the beginning. They can have fun time when they are together and go their ways when time comes”

I was surprised by the conversation. Today the “GEN Y” is more prepared to have “Love” just to pass time. Should I be happy about it or should I be disappointed in the way the generation considering Love and moving in their life?

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Who am i to judge?


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