Thursday , December 13 2018
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What has happened to this guy SubramanyaSwamy? He was the one who filed the case against Jayalalithaa and Sasikala but today is the one who is pushing the governor to make Sasikala the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. I was totally confused with his actions. So I posted about this in my twitter and Facebook account.

I got two comments worth mentioning
@Venusrinivasan on twitter

He is ryt legally. I have a diff view but it’s persnal nt legal. Really admire his guts 2 stick 2 law at all times.

He himself tweeted :

Some stupid TV correspondents with proximity to Lutyens politicos are claiming I am supporting Sasikala. I am following the constitution

True, he looks very genuine. He says he has no personal motive and he just follows the constitution. He is projected as if he is the Bhishma of Tamilnadu. As you all must remember that Bhishma was killed in the war for not supporting the truth and following the rules. The same will happen to him(not literally). He will be removed of the politics soon for this kind of statement. He is not what he states to be. His true colour or actions are briefed by another post

@Anand on Facebook

That theory is simple. That psychopath was main reason behind Vajpayee Govt topple along with Sonia and Jaya. Based on deal, they should engage this psycho for all future decisions. But they ditched him. From that moment onwards, he was always against these 2 “Songi Monkeys”. His beef was and is only against Jaya and Sonia, not against Sornakka.

In the Hindu mythology,Narada once got a rare fruit to Lord Shiva. The fruit was not to be cut and should be eaten by a single person. Both Lord Ganesh and Lord Subramanya wanted the fruit. So Lord Shiva told them one who goes around the world and reaches here first will get the fruit. Lord Subramanya went around the world but Lord Ganesh got the fruit by going around his parents.

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That Lord Subramanya Swamy went around the world for a cause but this Subramanya Swamy keeps taking “U” turns every now and then and he remains stagnant at the same place. He might be a learned person but i am not able to respect him for his knowledge because the decision he takes are not respectful.

Note : I titled this post as “Porukki” because he famous for using the that word. I have not intentions in calling him that. They themselves know who they are.

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