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Jodi’s of the week

Last week the most trolled person was Aishwarya Rajnikanth. It is mainly because of the Bharatanatyam dance that she has done in United Nation. She claimed to be one of the best Bharatanatyam dancer. Even I thought she knows Bharatanatyam because of the stills that I saw in internet. I have seen her writing books, directing movies etc. I thought she was a multitalented person but the dance that she did in United nation was the utter flop. Even novice in Bharatanatyam would have danced better. The memes that was released on the Internet and Facebook about this was the most funniest that I have ever seen. After all these names have come out, the video from the YouTube has been pulled out and she makes an announcement that no one is eligible to talk about her dance. I was to totally surprised that not a single professional dancer in Tamil Nadu did even comment about her dance. Just because she is the daughter of well-known actor, it does not mean she cannot be criticised for what she had done. If she could’ve danced in her own house nobody would’ve asked her but she represented herself as the Bharatanatyam  dancer from India. She has been appointed in the UN because she is the daughter of well known person in India. When she has been asked by the UN people to showcase the dance in United nation she should have nominated someone who is very good in dancing like Shobana or Anita. But she took of the opportunity to herself and she disgraced Bharatanatyam and herself in front of the whole world.Equally disgraced person last week was Aishwarya’s husband Dhanush. He was trolled for Suchileaks for some photographs of him in some compromising position with some actress. Some days back he was rumoured with the actress called Amala Paul but the photographs which Suchi has leaked has confirmed that these rumours might be true. Maybe people in this film industry have to compromise or adjust to all these kind of actions. Disgraceful couple.

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While this couple has been so disgraceful to Tamil Nadu there is another couple who is no lesser than the former. It is none other than Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa & her husband. When Jayalalithaa died she was against Sasikala like everybody else in Tamil Nadu and when there was a fight for the chief minister’s post she did to join hands with OPS. I was expecting that she would be joining him in going against Sasikala but on Jayalalithaa’s birthday she launched her own party called MGR Amma Deepa Peravai (MADP). I was not even surprised with this party announcement but when the announcement for the by-elections had come for the constituency R.K.Nagar, she put herself as the candidate for the elections. She has still not filed the nomination. Will this game is going on, her husband has launched another party but announces to the press that he does not have any misunderstanding with Deepa, they are living together in the same house but he launching a new party. From that party, he announced himself as the candidate for the R.K.Nagar election. So basically from the same house there are two parties, two party leaders and two contestants for the same constituency. I really pity RK nagar people. Basically this couple wants to make the most money out of the situation. I heard they they are offered 1000 crores from Sasikala to join them. You will be surprised that one day they will dissolve the party and party and runaway. Money minded Couple

While we have seen 2 couple who are a disgrace to the society I have seen another couple race car driver Ashwin Sundar and his wife. A very young couple, Ashwin has been pursuing his passion as his profession and his wife has been supportive about it. Most race car drivers wife will not support them for the fear of loosing them. They died last night in a road accident in their favourite car. He did not die during a race but in her personal travel. The accident happened in the early morning at 3 AM. They banged into a tree and the car caught fire. They both were charred to death beyond recognization. I guess it is wee hours in the morning, may be he felt sleepy and banged into the tree. I really feel pity for them. May their soul rest in peace.

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