Tuesday , November 20 2018
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Let’s Talk : Words

Talking is some thing we all do. Talking is a capability that is available only to the human species. In what ever language we talk there are words in it. You must have heard people say think before you talk. have you ever thought about the words? Does your thoughts contains words? Does your thought come out of your mouth with the correct words?

There has been words spoken have stopped a war between bitter enemies and at the same time certain words have broken a happy family.Words spoken at the right time at the right place have taken people place at the same time same words spoken at wrong time and wrong place has taken them to drains. Speaking is art. You need the use the right words(brush) to get the correct strokes and get the picture correct. Use of wrong brush will make the picture look shabby. OK now, there are born artists and some are taught to paint. Like artists is there a school to that teaches us to talk other than our parents? Yes, this world is the school. Everyone is a teacher. Even small kids teach us talking. Some suggestions from expects about talkimg

  • Do not talk when you are not required to talk. Talk only when required.
  • Talk without hurting others
  • Talk only good
  • Talk with a smiling face
  • Do not use harsh words
  • Do not talk bad about others or their in-capabilities
  • Do not give promises. Promise only what you can do.
  • Talk loud so that the person whom you are talking to can hear
  • When talking don’t blink or make too frequent eyeball movement. Look at the person into his eyes.
  • When talking complete the words and pronounce it properly
  • When someone asks you a question listen completely before you start answering

This world is a big library. Read the correct books and choose the correct path always. You can stop a war and go places.

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