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Silence is not golden

Recently I had to hire an auto to go to my office because I had given my vehicle to the workshop for service. It was not planned so I could not to book an OLA or UBER. I had to hire this auto on the road without any prior booking. I know the approximate cost that the meter would be charging me on a normal day. So when I asked the auto driver what is the cost to go to my office he quoted me an amount of Rs.150. It was Rs.20 over and above the meter cost but since it was the peak office time, I did not get an auto and I had no mood to negotiate, I just agreed to whatever cost he quoted. I boarded the auto and after about a kilometre the driver said “Sir, I will drop you here. Because this trip is not going to be profitable for me. Petrol is very costly”. On hearing this I was totally shocked because the amount that he quoted is Rs.20 over and above are normal meter cost but still I agreed to it. I told him ” I agreed to give you the money you asked and why are you changing the amount?”. He said ” Sir, I should not have agreed to the cost and you need not give me any money. Kindly get down here”. I was bit taken back. Because if he drops me halfway through, I will not get another auto go to office on time for my meeting. So I offered him another Rs.30 over and above what was negotiated so that he drops me in office. He was happy so he dropped me to office.

After the incident, I just thought as to what went wrong in this trip. I learnt 2 things

  1. Money can make anyone happy and do anything.
  2. I did not negotiate with your driver. If I had started barking in for an amount of Rs.100 and then agreed to an amount of Rs.120 then the driver would have been happy that I’m giving extra but since I did not negotiate the driver he thought he had quoted for a lesser amount and that is why I agreed without negotiation.

Basically it is the silence that I should have put me in trouble. What is taught to children today as part of moral signs is that “Silence is golden” but this incident taught me that “Silence is not always golden”.They also teach that

“When we speak we should not hurt others. Wound that are created due to swords can be healed but wound that are created by words are never healed”

When you ask your teacher “how will we know what words will hurt them?” To which she said ,

“Talk only what is necessary and when it is necessary”.

At that age it will sound logical but as days passed this statement did not seem to be true. If you talk less, they think that you don’t know anything about it and hence you are not talking and start ignoring you.

Recently I saw a poster with statement

“Talk Less Work More”

No, this is really a wrong statement. Talk less work more does not work today. In the corporate world you have to talk more and work less.

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