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Vanamagan – Review

Vanamagan – A Jeyam Ravi and Harris Jeyraj film. This is the 50th Film for Harris Jeyaraj. Before I booked the tickets for the movie I thought it would be another indianized Tarzan movie. I expected this Tarzan to speak in Tamil at the end. The postures and the promotions are very misleading. It is not a Indian Tarzan. It is about tribal people from Andaman.

Jeyam Ravi is son of head of the un-named tribe in Andaman. A corporate group has purchased the land in Andaman where this tribe is living. These corporate people wants them to moved away from that land but they refuse. Hence they kill most of the people in that tribe. Ravi escapes and fights with the corporate people to get their land back. The heroine is a rich girl with no family nor any family sentiments. She lives with her Rs 2000 crores money in a huge banglow(jail) with many servants. She goes to Andaman for a vacation and during her trip she happens to meet him and she takes him to Chennai to help him.

During his stay in Chennai she teaches him the civilised people culture and makes him understand some Tamil. But the police who is in search of the tribal head brings him back to Andaman(I really don’t understand the logic here. When the corporate wants to get rid of the people from the area why did they bring him back to his area). The first of the movie is about how they meet each other and how they communicate with each other. Kids will like the first half of the movie. The second half is about how the tribal’s son get his tribe and his land.

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Jeyam Ravi is the hero of the movie. His skin tone did not match the character. He is very fair to play a tribal role. Just a hair cut and black make up is not sufficient. They should have used some paintings on the faces to look authentic. He has a well maintained body but for the tribal role he should have had more toned or rugged body or some white lines to cover up. The heroine has an equal role to play. It is she who spoke the most dialogue in the movie as Jayam Ravi has no dialogues. She has played her part well. She does not look like a new comer. She sometimes resembles Sridevi Vijayakumar. Along with them we have Prakash Raj, Thambi Ramaiah and Varun who play supporting characters.

I don’t know why in the forest location the heroine always will trip over a branch, slide down and hang over a cliff for the hero to come and help him. This scene should have been avoided.

A good pass time.

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