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GST Vs Mersal

Why do these politicians always have to gain popularity by commenting about the movie. I am referring to the TamilIsai’s comment about Mersal movie. What is the big deal about Vijay talking about GST in that movie. He just said that for medical products they are charging 28% GST but they are not giving free medical service to the people. What is the big deal here? It is just a fact. Movie joking about political comments, political events, politicians and politics as a whole has been the the subject in the entertainment industry. In those days the threatres/dramas where created on political events, kings etc. Even thought those were done to create awareness of British rule, that trend still continues. Many movies/drama have talked about politics even during the congress days. Why this GST comment is getting so much attention? As a matter of fact in the past no movie has talked about sales tax. They were all so confusing and twisted that not even a educated person could understand. Today GST has made many thing crystal clear. Even an un-eduated personal know how much tax he has to pay for a commodity. Tamilisai should be proud of GST is being discussed in films.

In the management terms, they say that you need to set the process measurement process clear. Once the measurement is done accurately then the optimisation is a easy task. GST is just the first step towards cleaning the measurement process, optimisation of taxes is not far away.

So Tamilisai don’t worry madam, this comment is not going to impact GST in anyway. I don’t know how much you believe in your top leadership but we believe in him.

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