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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the buzz in the IT industry today. It is imperative for all businesses, from small to the enterprise. This message comes through loud and clear from seemingly  every keynote, panel discussion, article or study related to how businesses can remain more competitive and relevant.

What is Digital Transformation?

This is a organically coined term from the word “Digitization” to “Digitalization” and then to “Digital transformation”

Digitization – The conversion of analog information into digital form

Digitalization –  The actual process of the technologically-induced change within these industries.

Digital transformation – The total and overall societal effect of digitalization.

Digital transformation as stated above is the third stage or step in the process of embracing technologies and is the effect of change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society.


Let me explain this in layman terms. DHL, the worlds leading logistics company first started entering(converted) all the data into computers in the late 1900. Then they equipped(Process change) its staff with Barcode scanners to help them soft their packages for delivery. Now they have adopted the technology called “Vision picking”. In this, the staff with equipped with smart glasses which actually read the barcodes and display the rack and section for the package to be places in the smart glass. This actually reduces the error and helps in faster delivery. See the video below to understand

Should the acronym for ‘Digital Transformation’ be DX or DT?

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