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Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year 2019 Another 365 days have gone. Technically speaking the earth has come around the sun one more time. All 365 days could have been different for everyone. One day could be happiness, another day could be anger, another embarrassment and another hatred. The year is considered to be unforgettable if you can uniquely remember the days in …

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Rape cases

Rape-this is the word that is very commonly used by every Indian today be it a four year old child or a 80 old grandmother. I am referring to the Asifa rape case which has ignited a countrywide protest across India. I do pity the little girl who have gone through this horrific punishment of being born in India. Some people …

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Digital Transformation – 2

Read the previous post here Should the acronym for ‘Digital Transformation’ be DX or DT? That’s confusing, isn’t it? The reason might be that customer experience and user experience are essential to Digital Transformation. What do you think? Comment below Why Digital Transformation? Digital transformation helps an organisation to keep pace with emerging customer demands now and, if sustained, in …

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