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Digital Transformation – 2

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Should the acronym for ‘Digital Transformation’ be DX or DT?

Wiki says
Wikipedia says DX, but the X as in CX or UX always stands for ‘eXperience’.

That’s confusing, isn’t it?

The reason might be that customer experience and user experience are essential to Digital Transformation.

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Why Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation helps an organisation to keep pace with emerging customer demands now and, if sustained, in the future. Digital transformation enables an organisation to better compete in an economic landscape that’s constantly changing as technology evolves. To that end, transformation is necessary for any business, nonprofit or institution that seeks to survive into the future.

The top three reasons why digital transformation is so important are

  1. Acceleration of change – The pace of digital change exponentially, making is very difficult to maintain position of industry leadership. Example :  A traditional taxi service Vs OLA. The traditional taxi services could not give the level of digital service like OLA wrt taxi booking, billing etc. Today the traditional taxi service of getting a taxi on road is only for people who are not into the digital bandwagon.
  2. Digital Competition – Companies are under ever increasing pressure to compete digitally, and long established business models are being disrupted by “born digital” start-ups. Example : Airtel Vs JIO. Jio when launches was able to given free voice calls leveraging VoLTE. Airtel with their traditional voice calls could not match to provide service at the cost given by Jio.
  3. Customer Expectations – Customers expect a good experience across all touch points, you must ensure their interactions are seamless and exceptional. Example Professional Courier Vs DHL. With mobile phone customer expectations are very too high. They expect to everything ASAP. They expect to get regular updates. DHL is able to give then the complete update on the movement of their courier. Professional courier is not able to match customer expectation.


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