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Rape cases

Rape-this is the word that is very commonly used by every Indian today be it a four year old child or a 80 old grandmother. I am referring to the Asifa rape case which has ignited a countrywide protest across India. I do pity the little girl who have gone through this horrific punishment of being born in India. Some people are blaming the Prime Minister and some are blaming the religion. I really don’t understand what does the prime minister or be it the religion got to do with this rape cases.
In 2014 when the Nirbaya rape case happened they blamed Manmohan Singh and today it is Modi. What can the prime minister say about this? The only thing that the Prime Minister can say is that “the law will take its course and they will be punished as per the law”. People are not going to like the statement, They want the Prime Minister to create a law that will hang such people convicted in the rape cases without any trial. Prime Minister cannot make such a hasty decision. While there are perverts in the male community who commit such rapes, there are also some bitches in the female community who can miss use the law created in favour of needy women. Do you remember the law that was created to protect women against the dowry harassment? Have you not read in the newspaper where the woman have taken advantage over this law and have put the husband and their family behind bars even though the fault is on their side. They use dowry case as their Brahmastra. None of the religions teach anybody to behave like animals.

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Experts say that there are six reasons why rape cases are increasing in India

  1. Lack of sex education
  2. Acceptance to domestic brutality
  3. Psychological rationale
  4. Lethargic court system
  5. Marriage being the solution
  6. Lacking self defence

I say that there is one more reason.

It is the mother and a wife who are in charge of such people’s behaviour. In those days we had child marriage so when a man or a woman reach puberty, he or she had a companion for their bodily needs. Today those customs have changed for various reasons. It is the who mother should be teaching them the value system and how to behave in a society and it is the wife who is supposed to be a companion to man in and out of the bedroom after marriage. If the bodily needs are met then I don’t think such kind of issues will happen.

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