Friday , November 16 2018
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Sreenivasan Padmanabhan

Short Film : Pen Ondru Kandein

“Machan, nee kaeta questions thanda vantathu”, “Machan, Naama samacha vaila vaikaramathiri irukuma, avanga samacha…..” See the video to what it is. Nice Movie but it is actually a real life wedding invitation.

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India 4G

Today mostly everyone is connected to Internet via smart phones or via broadband. Some people don’t even use broadband but use internet in phones. It started with 2G which was slow then came the 3G. The speed is pretty fast that our phones can display data without lag. Today most phones comes with Mobile Hotspots which can turn your phone …

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Short Film : Atleast 1 Kiss

  The movie is about a couple working in the IT industry. How they are able to manage their time for themselves. A nice movie to watch for working couple.

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Healthier and wealthier in future

The first retirement home was first built in Sun City, Arizona in 1960. It promised “active new way of life”, with a golf course, a weekly “chow night” at the recreation centre and the occasional minstrel show put on by residents. The first occupant were a retired husband and his wife who had never worked outside the home. New developments …

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Short Film : Pugai Padam

No words to describe this. It is just 4 minutes but creates an impact of 4 hours film. Beautiful is the word i can think of.

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