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Top 10: Ways to solve problems between husband and wife

An argument between a husband and wife could lead into big fights. If this continues, it could even lead to divorce. It is always better to avoid such arguments. The top 10 ways to avoid arguments and live happily as a couple Every person has their own likes, dislikes and habits. They have their positives and their negatives. You have to …

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என் பொண்டாட்டி ஊருக்கு போயிட்டா

In Indian culture mainly in South India women spend their holidays in their mothers house but today the trend has changed. They like to spend their holidays in their own house when is the husbands intern go to their parents home.

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Silence is not golden

Recently I had to hire an auto to go to my office because I had given my vehicle to the workshop for service. It was not planned so I could not to book an OLA or UBER. I had to hire this auto on the road without any prior booking. I know the approximate cost that the meter would be charging …

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Hinduism Unleashed : Vibhuti

Vibhuti (Sanskrit: विभूति; vibhūti), also called Bhasma (ash), Thiruneeru and Vibhooti, is a word that has several meanings in Hinduism. Generally, it is used to denote the sacred ash which is made of burnt dried wood in Āgamic rituals. The Myth: Hindu devotees funngti traditionally as three horizontal lines across the forehead and other parts of the body like shoulder …

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Did you know?

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