Tuesday , January 22 2019

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My Name in my School board!!!

Recently i joined the old schools members association website. There was a photos section in that website. I was surprised to find the photo below My name is there in this board!!!! ( see year 1993) This board has the list of students who have come first in the ICSE Baord exam and won the “Pearce Medal” from the year …

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Busy Vs Free

The last 2 years have been totally busy with lot os work. I use to think how can i spare time for myself. Today the condition is totally different. Winding up the project, so no work. I am wondering what to do these days. I am so bored that i am watching a Hindi dubbed Tamil movie. Since i don’t …

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I heard this from my unit head “Deer wakes up everyday with the goal to run faster than the fastest Lion and A Lion wakes up every day with the goall to run faster than the slowest deer” oh!!! This is “Survival of the fittest”?

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There is a saying in Tamil… A Doctor’s son will be a patientA Policeman’s son will be a thiefA Teacher’s son will be not be intelligent What will be a Software’s Engineer’s son be ……? A person who spends lots of time with family? A person who does not like to travel abroad? A person who does not like watching …

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Chicken Briyani

Sunday i had cooked Chicken Briyani. Myself and my collegue (Venkat) had taken the same to office on Monday. Another collegue of mine ( Kiran) had come to Dining room with Venkat to to share the Chicken Briyani. It seems he likes my Chicken Briyani. Ah!!! I too have somebody who likes the Briyani i cook !!!!

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