Tuesday , January 22 2019

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Day in Commissioner office

Today i had to go to commissioner officer to apply for a Police clearance Certificate (PCC) for Visa Processing.The office was suppose to open at 10 AM in the morning and I was there at 9.40 AM. To my surprise the Office opened at 9.55 AM. This is the first time i have seen a Government office opening 5 minutes …

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Muslim wife separated from Hindu Husband

Islamic authorities in Malaysia insist they were right in detaining a Muslim woman who was living with her Hindu husband as their marriage was illegal under the country’s laws. Courtesy : Rediff I really do not understand why the Governments give more preference to the religion and its rule rather than considering the individual. If you see all religions are …

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Maran resign

Kalanidhimaran has been the scrap goat for the Karunanidhi’s family feud. He may have had a Bad side but he has been a able minister who was performing and he brought a lot of advancements on telecom sector.I personally think that this drama has been enacted by Stalin and M.K Alazhagiri to remove the changes of Maran being the next …

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Hi, In this Blog i am going to post on what i think today. It will be including data on current affairs, the people i faced today, happenings that i saw today etc

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