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ஏதோ மாயம் செய்தாய்

A Romantic comedy short film

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Vizhiyil Vizhundhu Uyiril Kalandhu

A nice tamil Short film with very minimum dialogues. It is nice to watch it once. But one thing i cannot understand how is that both go to the same place and do the same things for 10 continous days? That specific logic is drawback. If you forget tht logic, the movie is good.

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Mudhal Kanave

A nice romantic love story. This short story is about love, marriage and after.

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Fucked up love story

This is a beautiful love story with maturity. It just has 2 people in the full movie but it has a very simple and a beautiful story. It has a fantastic cinematography. Simply superb you must surely watch it.

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Neeyum Naanum

The director of the movie named it as “Oru Thuli Kadal” Bu i would like to name it as “Neeyum Naanum” or” Kaadal Kavithaigal”. A nice movie to watch.

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