Saturday , February 23 2019

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Suyapadhivu ( Selfie ) – Tamil Short Film

A humorous tamil short film on Selfies

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Short Film : Pen Ondru Kandein

“Machan, nee kaeta questions thanda vantathu”, “Machan, Naama samacha vaila vaikaramathiri irukuma, avanga samacha…..” See the video to what it is. Nice Movie but it is actually a real life wedding invitation.

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Short Film : Atleast 1 Kiss

  The movie is about a couple working in the IT industry. How they are able to manage their time for themselves. A nice movie to watch for working couple.

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Short Movie : Insemination

A lady gets impregnated by a donated sperm. The donor is none other than her brother.

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Jaw dropping OLED technology

  There is a major innovation on the screens by Samsung. Watch the Jaw dropping OLED technology to believe it yourself

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