Saturday , February 23 2019

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India 4G

Today mostly everyone is connected to Internet via smart phones or via broadband. Some people don’t even use broadband but use internet in phones. It started with 2G which was slow then came the 3G. The speed is pretty fast that our phones can display data without lag. Today most phones comes with Mobile Hotspots which can turn your phone …

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16 GB Phone

Today there are hell a lots of smart phones in the market. Some are really smarter than few human beings and some are as dumb as a fish. Most of these phone available or atleast we can afford are 16 GB phone. This is the maximum space available for us to store what our brains can not/need not hold. Today …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Vs Note 3

Samsung galaxy note 3 has been released on September 2013 and it is obviously better than Note 2. This comparison has been prepared for the owners of Note 2 to decide if they have to migrate to Note 3 and it is worth the money they pay. They can compare various area like camera or processor to decide on the …

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Top 10 : Features of Samsung Note 3

Samsung has released its new Phaflet to the market. It has been launched in India on 25th Sep. You should be knowing what are the features that are available as part of Samsung Note 3. The top 10 features that need special mention are Has the latest Andriod OS, v4.3 (Jelly Bean) Super AMOLED with 5.7 Inches screen 16 GB/ …

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Top 10 : iOS 7 Features

iOS 7 has been released by Apple on 18th Sep 2013. It is a major update compared to the previous versions of iOS. The complete UI has been revamped. It is more colourful, intuitive and innovative. There are lots of features introduced as part of iOS 7. Control center introduced to switch ON/OFF features Notification center more organized Multitasking learn …

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