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Ra.One – Review

இட்லி, வடை, சாம்பார், சட்னி, கொஞ்சம் இங்கே  வாடா …… Oh!!! Oh!!! Guys don’t get confused why I am writing a Hindi Movie review in Tamil. There are words used by Shahrukh Khan in the movie. In the movie he acts as a Software Engineer from Tamilnadu called Shekar Subramaniam. He is settled in London with Family and works in a Gaming …

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Google Failures

There has been quite lots of products that Google developed and most of them are in the verge of death. I can list down a few of them for you. Google wave : This was one of the most anticipated product from Google. It had lots of features and i really liked product. The catchy statement for Google wave was …

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Movie review : 7 am Arivu

‘7 am Arivu’ start with shaolin temple in China. It talks about the founder of that temple and the history says that he is a south Indian who had travelled to China to spread the Martial arts and the medicine that he knows. He is Bhodidarman(Surya) . He is the best in martial arts and Medicine in south India. He …

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Book Review : Revolution 2020

I read the new Book called Revolution 2020 from Chetan Bhaghat. He is the author of the 5 Point someone that turned out to be successful feature film “Three Idiots”. This book has been released in Sep 2011 and it is about 3 friends and their lives after school. How the life of these people change with the events that …

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Vaagai Soodavaa – Review

Vaagai soodavaa is a Vimal movie. Yes, if you have watched his movies you will know who Vimal is. He is a hero who he does a modern age village hero. His movie are casual real life stories without any superhero ,villain or mother sentiments. I watch his movies just for these type of stories.    Well, movie is a …

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