Friday , November 16 2018
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Book Review : Revolution 2020

I read the new Book called Revolution 2020 from Chetan Bhaghat. He is the author of the 5 Point someone that turned out to be successful feature film “Three Idiots”. This book has been released in Sep 2011 and it is about 3 friends and their lives after school. How the life of these people change with the events that …

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Vaagai Soodavaa – Review

Vaagai soodavaa is a Vimal movie. Yes, if you have watched his movies you will know who Vimal is. He is a hero who he does a modern age village hero. His movie are casual real life stories without any superhero ,villain or mother sentiments. I watch his movies just for these type of stories.    Well, movie is a …

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Going digital

Today technology has gone a step further what it was a decade ago. In those men like to have their newspaper on their doorsteps before they wake up. They want their newspaper in hand when they have their coffee. Some even want them in the toilets. When the digital world took over the news paper had taken a different shape. …

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What do we use toothpaste for? Well This question has a very obvious answer, it is used for brushing teeth. Then why do need salt in that? Are we going to eat that? In the future, they will add some chilly powder and some Paneer in that. A tooth paste with panner butter masala? We can eat it after brushing …

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Engayum Eppothum – Review

Engayum Eppothum in english mean “Everywhere, anytime”. This is a nice title that can be opted by Hollywood movies. Well this movie is produced by Fox Movies so i guess hence the tile is sexier when you say it in English. The Story revolves around 4 characters Jai, Anjali, Sharvanandh and Ananya. The movie is a long story said in …

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