Saturday , February 23 2019

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Ennamo Yeadho

I watched the Tamil movie ‘KO’. It was a good movie to watch but has been released little late. I guess Udayanidhi must have delayed the release purposely as the elections were ON last week in Tamilnadu. The movie starts with KV Anand’s photography during the name card display. The first scene is a bank robbery and the introduction of …

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Saat Khoon Maaf

The movie ” Saat khoon maaf” is Priyanka chopra movie based on Ruskin bond novel. My god I really dont know if the novel was boring or the movie was boring. I really could not sit in the theatre after 15 minutes of the movie starting. The movie starts in some 1940 period and ends in 2009. In this period …

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Requirement Management

I happen to see this advertisement in the TV Engineer : There are buildings on both side of the lake. There is a bridge connecting this lake (Shows the blue print) Business Man : I don’t need the bridge. Move the lake. Engineer : ( Looks stunned) . How sir? Business Man : Make a phone call Engineer : (Puzzled) …

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எந்திரன் – The Robot

Endhiran – The Robot. The movie  released on 1st Oct 2010 and has been the talk of the town world. Before i watched the movie i got some reviews from people who are in countries where the movie was released before us. They told me, it is good hi-tech movie but I went to the theater without any expectation and …

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Halla Bol

Last night I was watching the Hindi Movie “Halla Bol”. It is a different themed movie. They have given a social message other than corruption. The main theme is “Speak truth”. I liked the way they it was narrated and I liked the theme. There were some sentences that hit me hard in my head We do not bother about …

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