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Mobile data

Today everybody has a smart phone in hand and most of us use data on mobile networks. When we subscribe for a data plan you see E,G,H alphabets. Do you know what it means. It actually determine the speed of the data connection. E – EDGE, fast 2G (upto 0.38 Mb/s – 384kb/s) G – GPRS, slow 2G (upto 64Kb/s) …

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Review : Nee Enge En Anbe

“Nee enge en anbe” meaning “Where are you my dear” is a heroine oriented subject where Nayanthara has done a fantastic job. Story : A lady comes to Hyderabad in search of her husband who came for a software project. He has been missing for 10 days. During the same time, there is a bomb blast in Hyderabad. In this …

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Review : Maan Karate

Maan Karate is a film produced by Escape artists and A.R.Murugadoss production. Music by Anirudh Ravichander. It is a neat story about how a carefree young man achieves a position which he never imagined in his life. The story life : Before i give you the story life the first new minutes of the movie really makes the movie interesting. …

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16 GB Phone

Today there are hell a lots of smart phones in the market. Some are really smarter than few human beings and some are as dumb as a fish. Most of these phone available or atleast we can afford are 16 GB phone. This is the maximum space available for us to store what our brains can not/need not hold. Today …

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Jilla – Movie review

ஜில்லா ஜில்லா ஜில்லா இவன் எங்கும் செல்வான் தில்லா….This is the humming and the theme music that you can hear throughout the movie. The movie is around the son and a father relationship. The son being Vijay and the father is Mohanlal. Mohanlal is the don in Madurai region. Vijay is the adopted son of Mohanlal. He starts following his father and …

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