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3G Vs 4G

3G is currently the world’s best connection method when it comes to mobile phones, and especially mobile Internet. 3G stands for 3rd generation as it is just that in terms of the evolutionary path of the mobile phone industry. 4G means 4th generation. This is a set of standard that is being developed as a future successor of 3G in …

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Google Failures

There has been quite lots of products that Google developed and most of them are in the verge of death. I can list down a few of them for you. Google wave : This was one of the most anticipated product from Google. It had lots of features and i really liked product. The catchy statement for Google wave was …

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Going digital

Today technology has gone a step further what it was a decade ago. In those men like to have their newspaper on their doorsteps before they wake up. They want their newspaper in hand when they have their coffee. Some even want them in the toilets. When the digital world took over the news paper had taken a different shape. …

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Client is not always correct

(A security manager share the office with the tech support teams in a hospital. One day, the client walks into the office.) Client: “My windows login says it’s disabled.” IT Support member: “Yes, I disabled it because when I came to service your printer last night, I noticed your password was written down next to your keyboard.” Client: “I write …

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Ghost in Technology?

When I was a kid, i watched a tamil movie called ‘ Pattanathil Bootham’ means Ghost in the city. It is a movie for kids where in the Genie will be jar and the 2 people will release the genie from the jar. The Genie will be the slave of these guys. In this movie, the genie will see the …

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