Wednesday , February 20 2019

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I Like it

The "Like" function in Facebook is a pretty simple one — people click"Like" for things that interest them. On the surface, this seems almost irrelevant, but thinking so ignores the way Facebook operates. Taking advantage of the "Like" function is actually the key to getting good marketing opportunities out of Facebook.   When a user clicks "Like," whether on Facebook …

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Boarding Order

Recently when i was travelling from Bangalore to Dubai, i had to wait in the terminal for 25 minutes to board the flight. When i board a train, it is on the first come first server basis. Who ever comes first gets to board the train first but why is that methodology not followed for planes?    Through net I …

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Password Strength

To anyone who understands information theory and security and is in an infuriating argument with someone who does not (possibly involving mixed case), I sincerely apologize. This comic is saying that the password in the top frames "Tr0ub4dor&3" is easier for password cracking software to guess than "correcthorsebatterystaple".  And this is absolutely true that people make passwords hard to remember …

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Password Manager

Surfing online takes some memory skills. Whether you want to check your emails, visit with your Facebook friends, look at your bank account online or play an Orc in World of Warcraft, you need to remember your password to get there. Each service requires its own password. That has prompted many to come up with a single password for a …

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Tablets in Market

After the iPad has been launched there are so many tables from different companies that are available in the market with different sizes and types. I have listed down a few of the tables. 1. iPad 2 ( 9.7 Inch, iOS) 2. Beetal MagiQ MNQ 01 ( 7 Inch, Android) 3. Lenova Think pad (10.1 Inch, Android) 3. Lenova Ideapad …

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