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What has happened to this guy SubramanyaSwamy? He was the one who filed the case against Jayalalithaa and Sasikala but today is the one who is pushing the governor to make Sasikala the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. I was totally confused with his actions. So I posted about this in my twitter and Facebook account. I got two comments worth mentioning …

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Road Pooja

We have heard of Ganesha Pooja, Lakshmi Pooja, Ground breaking Pooja, new House Pooja. Have you heard of “Road Pooja”?. This is a special type of Pooja performed by Police officials on a NH road because more than 30+ people have died on this road due to road accidents.  This has been conduced in the consituency of Law and Parliamentary …

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Ice bucket challenge

Once upon a time, pouring a bucket of water over your head was a process that was followed to disown a person. I have seen in many Tamil movies, when a son or daughter does a thing that a parents do not like say, a love marriage or helping the villian the elder member of the family will pour a …

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Independence Day

You ask any Indian the below question What is special in August 15th? Any Indian would give this answer correctly. 15th August cannot be forgotten by any Indian, be it people who lived in 1947 or 1997 or even 2047. It is a day that is most etched in every Indian’s heart. Even the new borns are taught that Indian …

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Happy New Year 2014

Whales – 200 Years Tortoises live for 190 years, Macaws – 100 years A queen bee – 5 years Worker Bee – 1 year Every organisms lifespan is measured in the unit of years. But unfortunately, a Year lives for only 365.25 days. What an irony? You cannot do anything to extend the lifespan of a year. The last day …

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