Tuesday , January 22 2019

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What has happened to this guy SubramanyaSwamy? He was the one who filed the case against Jayalalithaa and Sasikala but today is the one who is pushing the governor to make Sasikala the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. I was totally confused with his actions. So I posted about this in my twitter and Facebook account. I got two comments worth mentioning …

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New year 2017

  A New year is born every year every 365 days. For some this year has been really fruitful and enjoyable and for some they say that it has been the worst year. But actually it is not true. Like any business we have to write the gains & losses in the respective columns to decide the profit or loss. …

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How Effective Leaders ‘Communic8’

For a country that prides itself on savoir-faire and style, on manners and being well-dressed, France is sorely lacking in leadership communications directives. You will find few management books written originally in French and virtually NO books on effective communications with the media. Until now. A former Bloomberg journalist-turned-media-consultant, Franco-American Adrian Dearnell has written “Le Media Training: reussir face aux …

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Today i went to the food court to have lunch. I happened to be seated behind a boy and a girl (I cannot say couple because i don’t know if they are friends or a couple) who were also having lunch and having a serious conversation. They were talking in Tamil about “Love” thinking that others around them will not be …

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One Indian girl

Chetan Bhagat’s the new book “one Indian girl” was released in the beginning of October. The kindle version was released on 13th of October and I got hold of kindle version as soon as it was release. I completed reading the book in a days time. The author had kept the readers in involved in every page of the book. It …

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