Tuesday , January 22 2019

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Slumdog millionaire

I watched slumdog millionaire. I wanted to reply to some of the comments that it has received. The comment given by AB is true. The movie depicted Indians very badly. The movie have depicted the Indians like the title says ‘Dogs’. But India is not just what is shown in the movie. There is more in India than what is …

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Lorry Vs Bus

Last week i went on a long trip from Bangalore to Coimbatore in my car (Self driving). What i noticed during the trip was the traffic condition and traffic rules on highways.    I can say the vechicle that obeys the traffic rule to the fullest extent are the Lorries. You are might be shoked reading this. We see in …

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La, LLa, LLLa

Wondering what the title means?I mean the 3 LAs of Tamil. Last night i was watching “Airtel Super Singer”. There was a guy who sang some songs in Tamil. All the LAs where missplaces. It was very painful to hear the song. Thank God the Judges rejected him.    Immediately after him was a girl. She is a Negro from …

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Ennamo Po!!!

Some days back i was browing the net and came across a blog called Ennamo po!!!. It was a blog of a girl in Chennai. I had added it to my favorite’s list then. I had also posted an entry about it in my blog.     When i was browing the same blog today, i saw a entry in her …

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On the net

Like a fish i get caught in the net (Internet) sometimes. I was browsing and i came across a blog called “Ennamo Po”. The title really attracted me. It is a blog (http://heartnmindfights.blogspot.com ) of a girl in Chennai. It is like her Diary It is interesting to read a girl’s diary. 😉 . My wife is going to kick …

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