Friday , January 18 2019

  • Happy New Year 2019
    Happy New Year 2019
  • என் பொண்டாட்டி ஊருக்கு போயிட்டா
    என் பொண்டாட்டி ஊருக்கு போயிட்டா

Chinese saying

First generation makes it. Second generation develops it and third generation destroys it. Famous Chinese saying I really liked this saying but Infy was made and Developed by One Generation

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Age old Debate on Guruvayur

The contention of the temple priests is that Vayalar’s wifeis a Christian and therefore their son, Ravi Krishna, can’t be considered aHindu because Kerala follows a matrilineal society. On Saturday, the priests conducted apurification ritual after Ravi Krishna and his wife Nisha performed the ricefeeding ritual of their six-month-old son I really do not understand the logic here. The entry …

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Get Paid to receive SMS

Hi, pays you to read ads on your cellphone! These ads are only about your interests. Not only that, you get to decide when you want these ads. Based on my calculations I can easily make enough money to free up my cell phone bill. Check it out… See how much you can make. Have fun calculating…and sign …

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Soaps on TV

Does Soaps on TV stick to our culture and daily life? I really doubt. I have seem some Soaps that gets telecasted in North Indian Channels. I have seen the ladies wearing Jazzy sarees and heavy makeup when they are in the house. I do not think that women in Indian are like them. Yesterday, i saw a soap in …

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Day in Commissioner office

Today i had to go to commissioner officer to apply for a Police clearance Certificate (PCC) for Visa Processing.The office was suppose to open at 10 AM in the morning and I was there at 9.40 AM. To my surprise the Office opened at 9.55 AM. This is the first time i have seen a Government office opening 5 minutes …

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