Saturday , February 23 2019

  • Happy New Year 2019
    Happy New Year 2019
  • என் பொண்டாட்டி ஊருக்கு போயிட்டா
    என் பொண்டாட்டி ஊருக்கு போயிட்டா

Dasavatharam Review

  I watch Dasavatham. It is really a fantastic movie. This is what all the reviews have said till today. But i generally categorise the movie as fantastic if i think about the movie the next day.    I should not say just fantastic, it is more than than. Excellent, Fantabulous, Super, Nalla Iruku, Bohut Acha. I really cannot find …

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Car Driving

I have been taking my car driving classes recently. Today is my third Day ( 3rd hour to be precise). The driver cam to our appartment to pick me up. There was one guy in the car. I guess he was in the previous slot for taking driving lessons.      I took the driver seat and started the car smoothly. …

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Karnataka Mobile Numbers

Karnataka Mobile Numbers start with BSNL Airtel Vodafone Tataindicom Reliance Spice 9448 9845 9886 9241 9341 9844 9449 9945 9986 9242 9342     9900 9739 9243 9343     9901 9916         9902           9880           9980           9740           …

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Pirivom Santhipom – Review

  Last night i was watching the movie review of “Pirivom Santhipom” in Jaya Tv (Hasini Paesum Padam). I initially thought it was a movie about Natukotta Chettiar because the movie is more advertised on the marriage that is done but from the review i came to know that it is just the first half and the second half of …

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A day in Hospital

Today i had taken my wife to Manipal Hospital in Bangalore. She was getting headache often. I had taken her there to find out that is the problem. I was very sure it could be either 1. Sinus2. Migrine In Manipal hospital just to tell us it is Migrine, they took 3.5 hours and Rs.2000. Having a Hospital is a …

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