Saturday , February 23 2019

  • Happy New Year 2019
    Happy New Year 2019
  • என் பொண்டாட்டி ஊருக்கு போயிட்டா
    என் பொண்டாட்டி ஊருக்கு போயிட்டா


Yesterday, there was a telecast of Rang-de-Basanthi in Star Gold. We were all watching the movie from Madavan’s death. My Son (5 years old) was also with us. During the Climax when Aamir and the others were shot, my son asked me some questions. Son : Why is the police shooting that uncle?Me : ………………….(I did not have an answer …

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கவிதை ( Poem)

என் வருகைக்காக Croatia மரங்கள் வெள்ளை பூ பூத்தோ ? Has the croatian Trees bloomed white flowers to welcome me? 😉

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Life ( Some one Said)

Life come in three broad categories “easy, difficult and impossible.Those who take on only the easy have a safe and boring life. Those who take on the difficult have a tough but satisfying life. Those who take on the impossible are remembered”.

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Kannada Rajyotsava

Yesterday, Nov 1st was a Kannada Rajyostsava day. There were lots of displays and banners and posters as different forms of celebrations. I could see the Karanataka flag ( Yellow and Red Flag), Karnataka map etc etc. What surprised me was the display of Dr. Rajkumar’s photos everywhere. What did he do for the creation of Karnataka State or worked …

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Moon TV?

Today we have STAR TV Sun TV Will there be a Moon TV tomorrow: 😉

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