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Top 10 : Traits of Tamilians

In this lion eat lion world people migrate to different cities and countries in search for prosperous life. Like you can find Punjabis in London, Gujarathis in Netherlands, Kerlalites in Dubai you can find Tamilians in Malayasia and Singapore. There are some distinct characters that are in them that helps us identify them. The top 10 ways to identify a …

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Top 10 : Extraordinarily designed hotels

It is holiday time in India. People lookout for some exotic places to visit during the holidays. Some visit the Indian locations and other visit extraordinary locations. I remember when i visited ooty for the first time. There are 10 people who stayed in a double room. Well, we did not need a blanket the room was auto heated with …

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Top 10 : World best airport lounges

If you are a first class or business class passenger and you are travelling on an international route, you know that you can only be expected to be treated like a ‘king’. So, once you enter the airport the airlines ensure that every step you take only enriches your luxury status. Here, an airport lounge plays a key role in …

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Twitter on London riots

Everything has an advantage and some disadvantage. We need to see how we can use it to our advantage. Twitter, the leading social networking site was used the London Riots creating people. They used twitter to publish the gathering points and vulnerable targets. London police is using twitter, Blackberry messenger and Facebook to catch the culprits. At the same time, …

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