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New year 2017

  A New year is born every year every 365 days. For some this year has been really fruitful and enjoyable and for some they say that it has been the worst year. But actually it is not true. Like any business we have to write the gains & losses in the respective columns to decide the profit or loss. …

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Happy New year

Three hundred and sixty five days have gone. It did not go slow down, it did not go fast, it did not stop for anyone. It has been successful to people who traveled faster in these 365 days and it has been average for people who traveled in normal speed and it was not very successful to people who traveled …

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Top 10 : New year Resolutions

New year has come and so the new year resolutions. Every year we take new year resolutions to achieve some thing new or get rid of our bad habits. But most people are so stubborn that they have the same resolutions for more than 10 years. The top 10 new year resolutions are Quit Smoking Quit Drinking Visit Gym regularly …

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Happy New Year 2014

Whales – 200 Years Tortoises live for 190 years, Macaws – 100 years A queen bee – 5 years Worker Bee – 1 year Every organisms lifespan is measured in the unit of years. But unfortunately, a Year lives for only 365.25 days. What an irony? You cannot do anything to extend the lifespan of a year. The last day …

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April Fool

Do you know why April first is called as a Fool Days? Before you know that we need to know something about September of 1752. Just have a look at the calendar for the month of September 1752 below. In case you haven’t noticed, 11 days are simply missing from the month. An Just Here’s the explanation: This was the …

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